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Want to Become a LUNA Retailer?

LUNA Sandals Retailer Program

LUNA Sandals Retailer Program is designed to support outdoor, running, adventure and fashion stores of any size. If you desire to offer your customers high quality products that are Made in Seattle with a great story, LUNA Sandals Retailer Program is a good one to consider.

Made in Seattle by Craftfolk

Seattle is a city that represents innovation and opportunity and we are honored to be a part of that cultural momentum. The broader footwear manufacturing industry left the United States decades ago primarily in search of cheap labor, and we love being a part of a resurgence of American Made products that have a focus on quality and community. LUNA Sandals are created, designed, tested, assembled, and made by our tribe, our family, our people, here in Seattle. We don’t have to wonder how they are being treated, if they are being paid fairly, or what they are doing to the environment around them. They are right here, they are us, we talk and work and play together.

We are a group of passionate craftsmonkeys and we make the best Adventure Sandals we know how to with deep care and attention to detail.

BENEFITS of our Retailer Program

  • Great deals on the "Starter Package"
  • Easy and quick account setup process
  • Dedicated staff to assist order process and merchandising
  • Low minimum order levels
  • Ability to quickly re-stock
  • Floor personnel campaigns/discounts, seed LUNA(s)
  • In-house-made LUNA branded POP materials
  • Technical assistance on any LUNA product
  • Happy LUNA Monkey rock-solid guarantee

Who Qualifies

Any store owner/buyer who gets excited about authentic products are more than welcome to join our tribe. All over the world, we are working with retailers from single location shops to large specialty retail stores.

Please check our Store Locator to see our constantly growing retailer, online partner and distributor network.

Please fill out our application form below and we will be super excited to contact you soon!


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