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  • Made in Seattle, USA.
    Weight: 6.4 oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
    Thickness: 15mm
    Sole: Vibram® Italy


  • The tech strap which assists the heel strap in staying firmly in position without offering any support is now included in the price.

    For a look at the Venado in action in the Edinburgh hills check out this short movie!!  there are a few teaching points of relevance in the subtitles.  Take it easy if you are starting out from wearing a cushioned running shoe check more of the movies on my youtube channel through the link.

    Just a quick piece of advice from someone who knows a lot about transitioning over to barefoot running Here is a link which may or may not be of interest to you if you are a runner. The movie is all about running in a more natural way and teaches you how to not rely on the cushions within modern footwear but to take a more holistic approach to using our on board human springs. If you land on your heels no matter how much the shoe salesman tells you the shoe is protecting you, it isn't.

    The shoe will only ever remove a maximum of 10% of the shock of landing. If you land on your foot as this movie shows you will reduce the shock to your joints by up to 75%. The running shoe industry is no more interested in your health than the tobacco industry is!! Fact.....they are interested in selling you more shoes and the quicker you wear your new shoe out the quicker you spend again. If you learn to land more gently, and I'm not saying this is a quick fix, you will make your joints last longer and your footwear will have an infinite lifespan.

  • We stand by all products we offer at LUNA.

    If you are not satisfied with one of our products or if they ever fail you, return them to us for a replacement, (partial or full) refund, store credit or repair.

    A reasonable charge will be assessed for damage due to wear and tear or for repair.

    For any production defect that you might encounter on your LUNAs, you have the MoonRock Guarantee. For example, your LUNAs should never delaminate on the sole or have its buckle or plug break during their lifetime unless they are purposefully abused.

    Even though many LUNAtics put thousands of miles on their LUNAs, it is hard to give a definite lifetime. How a LUNA wears will vary from person to person, model to model depending on the intended use, gait, weight, load, terrain, running form, and climate.

    These would void your MoonRock Lifetime Guarantee: Intentional misuse. Returns on products which show normal wear and tear but no defect. Any damage incurred from improper cleaning or self repairs (e.g. cutting or removing tags, cutting the soles of your sandals).