LUNA Performance Laces

LUNA Performance Laces (Patent Pending) (Formerly known as Trail Laces)  include our LUNA Plug System, which consists of a soft, tubular nylon between the toes and a flat plug under the outsole for extended wear protection.

The remainder of the laces are made up of a climbing-grade tubular nylon with cushioned heel pad to add more security and comfort to the overall strapping system, The buckle at the top of the foot allows for simple adjustments thanks to the ability to tighten and loosen the buckle and slide the strap up and down the toe strap. To keep the buckle from slipping while you're wearing them, a strip of MGT has been added to the underside of the buckle area.

The final part of Performance Laces are Tech Straps (Patent Pending)

The Tech Strap (Patent Pending) is a velcro ankle strap that helps keep your heel strap and ankle secure. It's the final piece of an ultra-secure puzzle meant to keep your foot in place on slippery, hilly, and otherwise technical terrain.

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