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MoonRock Guarantee

We stand by all products we offer at LUNA. If you are not satisfied with one of our products or if they ever fail you, return them to us for a replacement, (partial or full) refund, store credit or repair.  A reasonable charge will be assessed for damage due to wear and tear or for repair.

For any production defect that you might encounter on your LUNAs, you have the MoonRock Guarantee. For example, your LUNAs should never delaminate on the sole or have its buckle or plug break during their lifetime unless they are purposefully abused.

Even though many LUNAtics put thousands of miles on their LUNAs, it is hard to give a definite lifetime. How a LUNA wears will vary from person to person, model to model depending on the intended use, gait, weight, load, terrain, running form, and climate.

Here are some care tips to have your LUNAs last longer

These would void your  MoonRock Lifetime Guarantee:
  • Intentional misuse.
  • Returns on products which show normal wear and tear but no defect.
  • Any damage incurred from improper cleaning or self repairs (e.g. cutting or removing tags, cutting the soles of your sandals).

Returns and Exchanges on Sizing/Color/Model

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
855-LUNA-SANdals // 855-586-2726