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Karen Jackson


Karen Jackson


Where are you from?

South Carolina


Where do you currently live?

Santee, SC


What are your favorite activities to do in LUNAs?

I wear my Lunas for almost everything.  My passion is running, all distances, all surfaces.  But mostly ultras, in particular multi-day events.  Love my Lunas for hiking, water sports and just knocking around.


Briefly tell us about yourself:

46 year-old mother of two grown kids.  I've been running my family's hardware business since 1999.  Since my human kids have left the nest, I've filled it with the four-legged kind (3 cats & one dog).  I love spending time with my family.  Love the outdoors.  I'm especially happy when I can combine both!


What are some accomplishments you're most proud of?

Besides raising two good citizens?

My running accomplishments that I'm proudest of include:

First Overall at the inaugural Tarheel Ultra 367-miler in 2013

First Female at the 2015 Tarheel Ultra

2X 2nd Solo (un-crewed) Female at Vol State 314 Mile (2014, 2015)

2X 1st Female Croatan 24 hr (2014, 2015)

Only Finisher of Kinston 250k (2012)

Helping my dad finish his first 50k at 71 years old in January of this year


What are your goals for the year?

I've really started to focus on bringing my family more into the fold.  #runwithfamily is something bringing me great joy, from helping my dad run farther to encouraging my 5 year old nephew to be active (we've run a 5k together).  It's more about celebrating a healthy lifestyle and love for outdoors than a ranking on a web-site now.  Although I still have personal performance goals, such as a PR 100 & sub-6 days at Vol State.


What is your race/event schedule for the year/season?

Peyton's Wild & Wacky 10x5k - March 12

Fort Clinch 100 - March 19

Barkley Marathons - April 2

Hell Hole El Diablo 140.6 - June

Vol State 314 - July

Big Backyard (last man standing format) - October

Leaving plenty of room to be spontaneous this year and pick up events as they come along.


What's your favorite LUNA model and why?

Leadville is my favorite.  It's flexible & doesn't take long to mold to your foot.  The tread on the sole makes them suitable for a variety of surfaces.


Who are your heroes?

My parents and my kids.  Without my parents' support growing up I wouldn't be confident enough to do the things I've done & continue to do.  Without my kids' support now, none of this would mean a thing.