Women's Sandals

Luna Women's Sandals

The human foot is made up of 28 bones whether you are a man or a woman. These bones are all connected by muscle, tendons and ligaments in the same way whether you are a man or a woman.  

The biggest noticeable difference between a man's foot and a woman's foot is caused by footwear and the desire, for women in particular, to force their feet into footwear that they perceive to be aesthetically pleasing. Not such a good idea.  

Overall, men's feet are, on average, considerably bigger than women's, but they do the same job. The point is, a sandal does not have to made specifically to a women's average shaped foot, and this means that our Luna range works for both men and women from the smallest to the largest.

We like to refer to our feet as the "human foot", its more generic than men's and women's feet. So our sizing is what separates the men's and the women's sandals, but if you are a woman with size 10 feet then just buy a size 10 from the mens section. Use the size templates for accuracy.