The Ultimate Walking Sandal

Walking, everybody does it, and most of us without an instruction manual. We say this with tongue in cheek as most of us would benefit from a crash course in walking.

Walking is mainly something we pick up naturally from our peers and develop this into the complex skill we then use in everyday life. How many people realise the importance of their arms and shoulders for walking?  Balancing upright quadrupeds, that's where we have evolved from and as such must realise the importance of balance.  Using our feet as they evolved to be used is assisted by the sandal since it provides us without any support making our bodies do the support work by default, assisting in the overall balance.  

Walking in the urban jungle or the hills and trails makes us use our body to achieve the goal whether it be one mile or a thousand miles.  Todays walking footwear choice is huge and very confusing to someone who is not sure what they fully require.  First you have to decide the terrain you will be walking on then you can choose from this range of sandals. 

Our most versatile all round trail, on and off road sandal is without a doubt the Mono. It has been designed to work in many conditions with complete versatility.  The Mono is mouldable and is ideal for long, short or medium sized hikes on or off road.