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Luna sandals for the trail

Trail running is like nothing else, freedom to go where you want, how you want, in whatever timescale you choose. All Trail Luna's are designed to be used on the gnarliest of surfaces.  

You choose your trails to suit your style and these range from long flat grassy plains into steep rocky gnarly mountain paths carved into the side of a rock face.  Trails produce adrenalin and adrenalin is fun once you have produced enough adrenalin you will find yourself coming closer to the high produced by endocanabanoids which is the ultimate achievement for all runners.  Trail experiences differ on every outing so get out there and run the trail.

Choose between the Oso which has a much thicker sole rubber than the Leadville but is not as mouldable.  Oso is great for real hardcore trail where protection from real jagged rocks is important.  Leadville Trail is a very grippy sandal which will fully mould to the shape of your foot.  Sensational ground feel with full protection and has been one of my favourites for years. The Leadville Gordo, on the other hand (or foot), is a much thicker and less mouldable sandal which will cover ultra distance hikes or runs with the maximum amount of protection.