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The barefoot running sandal

Originally the Luna Sandal was designed for trail running. Running trails is not only fun but it fulfils our desire for adventure. There is nothing more exciting than running new ground in a mountain trail environment. To continually keep wondering what's round the next corner, over the next false summit, down in the bottom of the valley or at the top, are questions that trail runners continually ask themselves and have to keep running to provide the answers.

On the other hand, or foot, not everyone has access to such majestic surroundings as the trail runner.  The urban running ability of certain Luna's like the Venado and the Mono allows these urban monkeys to fulfil their most lustful running desires whilst running on any type of surface be it concrete or tarmac, park land or highway. 

Luna Sandals were made for all runners based on the original pair that Barefoot Ted made under the instruction of Manuel Luna, Tarahumara.