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New Wings Models a Resounding Success Looking Forward to 2020

by Colin McPhail September 04, 2020

Have Wings, Can Fly! from LUNA Sandals on Vimeo.

We all thought the addition of wings was going to take away the basic-ness of the traditional huaraches Luna Sandal.  Change is always hard to accept but necessary in going forward.  Having had the coldest and wettest summer in the UK for many years we outsold our previous summer season record by an enormous quantity thanks to the new WINGED models.

Going forward to 2020 there are few changes other than a new Riviera Green colour for the performance laces which will be introduced over a couple of the models during March and April.  We are also bringing the Mono Gordo into the UK, during 2020 in very small quantities to accommodate a small demand for folk looking for a bit more comfort on hard flat surfaces such as tarmac etc. 

There is also the new Mono Premium Lifestyle Range, Mono Cabra (Tan light) and Mono Bisonte (Brown Dark) which are premium grade leather footbed and Performance Leather Buckle Laces.  These are currently going to sell for Mono Cabra £129.99 and Mono Bisonte £149.99 pure luxury for your feet in an urban environment.

Colin McPhail
Colin McPhail


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